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The Critical First Ten Minutes

Did you know that an experienced interviewer can determine in the first ten minutes of an interview if you are a serious candidate for a job opening? It is true. That first ten minutes are critical. You may have the greatest resume in the world but remember, the resume is what gets you the interview. The interview is what gets you the job. Thus here are some tips to help you shine during that all-important first ten minutes.

1. Be on time for the interview. In fact, give yourself a little extra travel time so that you can arrive 5 to 10 minutes early. You may want to consider other factors when you plan your travel for the interview such as potential traffic, train crossings, bad weather delays, and the potential for auto accidents that may delay you. If you are not sure where you are going, make a “dry” run the day before to familiar yourself with the trip. The key is DO NOT BE LATE!

2. Dress appropriately. If interviewing for a professional white-collar position, guys need to wear at the very least, a shirt and tie while ladies should at the very least wear a nice top and skirt. Avoid wearing revealing clothing, ragged or torn clothing, wrinkled clothing, offensive clothing, or excessive jewelry.

3. Do some grooming. Take a shower. Comb the hair. Brush the teeth. Clean the fingernails. Put on some deodorant. Avoid visible body piercing jewelry such as rings through your nose, eyes, cheeks, etc. It is also a good idea to cover body tattoos especially if they are offensive.

4. Be smart. Turn off the cell phone. Get rid of the gum.

5. Do your homework. Check out the company/firm on the Internet so that you can respond to questions such as: Why do you want to work for us? Are you familiar with what we do? How do you see yourself fitting in with our company? What skills and knowledge would you bring to our organization? Why do you think you are a good fit for our company? Why should we hire you for this position?

6. Practice your communication skills prior to the interview. Verbal and non-verbal body language are important. Shake hands with a firm handshake, introduce yourself, and thank your interviewer for taking the time to meet with you. Speak clearly at a normal speed. Do not mumble. Maintain eye contact with your interviewer. Sit up straight. Demonstrate an interest in the job. Be honest. Don’t try to fake your way through a question. It rarely works. At the end of the interview, thank your interviewer once again.

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